We need representation in the majority

New York is one of the wealthiest states in our country. Yet many of our citizens live in poverty. Right here in the 120th, many of us lack reliable access to electricity. This affects our access to technology. Today, electricity and technology can no longer be considered luxuries. We rely on these products and services for nearly every action we take on individual, social and business needs. To continue to deprive our district of these necessities puts us further behind the rest of our state when it comes to our economy and education.

Over the past twenty years or so, we’ve lost major businesses in our community. Many of our jobs have been lost, and no significant employment opportunities have come to replace them. This has limited the opportunities our families have to provide for themselves. I’ve spoken to many of you, knocking on your doors or calling your homes. The message I got from you was clear across party lines. I heard you, and I agree. We want our children to stay here. Get educated here. Find meaningful employment here. Get married and have our grandbabies here. In order to make that possible, we need to provide opportunity. Access to reliable electricity and technology is the way to make that a reality.

In order to fix these issues, and so many more, we need representation in the Democratic majority. The Democrats control the decisions of our State Assembly, and if we have an advocate in that room for rural New Yorkers, we can get the resources we need to thrive as a community—resources we have yet to see with nearly two decades of our current representation.

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