Our region must have meaningful representation in Albany

In a press conference earlier this week, Gov. Andrew Cuomo acknowledged upstate New York has plentiful untapped renewable energy resources and could supply the power for most of the state if we built the infrastructure to transmit the power from here to there.

If we don’t want to be left behind, we need a representative in office with a seat at the table, or we will be passed by — again — for the programs and finances that we deserve.

It’s a great idea — one that can bring jobs and prosperity to our district if we have a say — and I’m glad to see that the governor is on board. I was proud to make this a campaign issue in my Assembly run in 2018, and will do so again this year. We now need representation to make sure the 120th Assembly District has a seat at the table as these investments are made, or those lucrative projects will pass us by and go to neighboring districts.

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