Welcome to our virtual campaign!

Making connections with voters is the most important component of a people-powered campaign like ours. Under normal circumstances, we'd be knocking doors with volunteers, holding fundraisers and hosting in-person events. Of course, we've had to adjust our tactics in the face of COVID-19, as it's no longer safe to campaign normally.


It's been a learning curve, but we have transitioned most of our campaigning online. Even as we've begun to hold more in person, socially-distanced events, our social platforms and virtual events are now the main way I meet new people and keep this campaign going. I host frequent online meet and greet events and livestreams, and I have started several video series' and online campaigns. We also run some remote volunteer opportunities, including phonebanking and postcard writing. Click here to get involved!

You can keep up with our digital campaign and all of our online content here, and by following me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I look forward to connecting with you and keeping the hard work going as we approach Election Day! Thanks for all you do.

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